Real Vs Faux Holiday Greenery

Are you curious as to which is the best greenery for the holidays, real or faux? Frankie has your answer in this Cityline segment.

Fresh/real greenery like boughs, garland and wreaths have a great scent but they dry out very quickly indoors. When they dry out they become a fire hazard. For this reason, Frankie recommends that you leave the fresh stuff for outdoors (with the exception of your Christmas tree, which can be watered)

Faux is great for indoors and last a long time. New options are very realistic with great visual and textural detail.

Faux poinsettias are a safe alternative to real when you have pets as the real ones are toxic for cats and dogs.

If you do decide to use fresh inside, keep away from any heat source such as fireplaces, heaters and candles.


Greenery provided by Bradford Greenhouses