Using a Lawn Spreader

Scotts® Edgeguard Mini and Hand-held Lawn Spreaders provide an easy, even spread to ensure you are accurately applying product to the exact areas you want for fertilizer, seed, sand and salt. The Edgeguard technology combines the accuracy of a drop spreader with the speed of a rotary spread for precision application. Both spreaders feature sturdy, ergonomic and comfortable handles for easy application.  The adjustable settings match with Scotts® products for optimal application rates.

To use the Scotts® Edgeguard Mini and Hand-held Spreaders do the following steps; check the fertilizer or seed package for the proper spreader rate setting, set the micrometer to proper setting, fill the hopper on the sidewalk or driveway - never on the lawn - to avoid spilling fertilizer and burning the lawn and then apply by walking a steady pace back and forth across the area, slightly overlapping at each pass. When youa re done, Scotts® Edgeguard Mini Spreader easily folds for storage.