Festive Greenery and Plants for the Holiday Season

Create: 11/07/2015 - 00:19

Frank talks about greenery for the holidays in this Cityline segment

Featured Plants:

Azalea - Colourful flowers

Cyclamen - Great for cooler rooms and low light conditions

Amaryllis - Big beautiful blooms

Poinsettias - A classic. Keep pets away as they can get sick if they eat the leaves.

Air plant - Mini terrarium of living plants (available at Walmart)

Living Christmas Trees:

Cypress - Not hardy below temperatures of -2 , so keep indoors

Norfolk Island Pine - Indoors only - can be decorated as a mini Christmas tree

Juniper Tree - Mini, for indoors

Rosemary - The look of an evergreen, but a herb. Indoors only

Make sure to read the care and instructions for all plants and only water when the soil is dry.