Hockey Season: What Parents Need to Know

Create: 11/03/2015 - 23:36

Frank puts away his weather forecasting and gardening knowledge to join Tracey on CityLine  to discuss hockey advice for parents.  Frank is coach to both his son's teams and has been playing adn coaching hockey most of his life. Here is a summary of Frank's advice for parents: 

  • Build kid's confidence when getting them into hockey with Learn to Play or Intro to Hockey Programs.
  • The way you behave as a parent will trickle down to how your child behaves in the change room, on the bench and in the game. Be respectful to the coach, the players, the other team and the other players.
  • Give some distance between you and your child when they are at the rink.
  • The referee is there to control the game. Yelling at them is not productive.
  • The other team is not the enemy. They love the game of hockey just like you.
  • Practice the 12 hour rule. If you are upset or angry about something that has happened, wait 12 hours to discuss this with the coaching staff. This gives everyone time to settle down and discuss the issue when they are calm.
  • All parents of kids in hockey are required to take an online course on Respect in Sport
  • Allow kids to dress themselves in the change room around age 9 or 10.
  • Often coaches want a few minutes before or after the game to talk to the kids. Let them have this time with the team without parents.